Museum Theater in the Galleries

Wandering the Destination Colorado, Living West, and Colorado Stories exhibits? Be on the lookout for Sydney Sayles, Luis Francisco Valdez, and Linda KaiKai Tucker.

Be wary of Sydney Sayles; he’s a slick traveling tonic salesman who visits railroad towns on the high plains selling his own brand of healing elixirs. In the re-created town of Keota in the 1920s, Sayles makes a compelling pitch: By restoring people’s ability to walk, he begins to convince the crowd of the power of his healing tonics. However, it’s not long before the recently passed Food and Drug Act is brought up, and he quickly dashes out of town. Actor Hugo Sayles always draws a crowd in the Destination Colorado gallery, and light-heartedly explains the complexity of enforcing new legislation to protect customers and control product ingredients.

Actress Lonnie McCabe
Actress Lonnie McCabe portrays Linda KaiKai Tucker

In Colorado Stories, actress Lonnie McCabe portrays Linda KaiKai Tucker, an African American woman who grew up in 1940s Denver. She draws attention to segregation in the city, and joyously proclaims the merits of Lincoln Hills, an African American resort community in Gilpin County. Tucker recalls childhood in Lincoln Hills as she stands by her cabin stove.

Stop by the irrigation gate in Living West and meet  Luis Francisco

Actor Angel Vigil
Actor Angel Vigil as the “majordomo”

Valdez as he leads a community meeting about sharing water in the San Luis Valley. Actor Angel Vigil portrays the “majordomo” (or ditch rider). He will make you feel a part of the process as you explore the importance of water in Colorado and the history of Hispanic settlers in southern Colorado.

All theater pieces have a prominent position in the museum, and help bring the gallery stories to life.

Catch our Museum Theater performances in the galleries on weekends from August to June, select school holidays and daily from mid-June to mid-August.