Claire's Clues For Kids

Claire’s Clues For Kids

Hi all you history buffs! It’s me Claire, with some fun facts about our great state!

Here’s more fun facts about Colorado that I bet you didn’t know.

1) A hundred years ago, people living in small towns like Keota Colorado could order tools, toys, and the latest fashions from mail-order catalogs. You could even order all the parts to assemble a house!

2) Howelsen Hill in Steamboat Springs is the oldest continuously operating ski-area in Colorado. construction began in 1914. 64 Winter Olympians have trained on Howelsen Hil since then!

3) On a ten-dollar bet, Bronco fan Tim McKernan wore a barrel to a game during the fabled 1977 Super Bowl season. He won the bet by getting on TV. Tim continued to wear barrel, boots, and cowboy hat (and nothing else) to every game for thirty years. Even in the snow!

4) During the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, serious droughts in the great plains caused terrible conditions in parts of Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. One dust storm on April 14, 1935 stirred up a cloud of over 300 million tons of soil.

There are so many fun things to learn about Colorado, and fun ways to learn them, like visiting the History Colorado Center with your family.