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Great Map & Time Machines

Please note: The Time Machines are getting an upgrade. They are currently not available but we will let you know once they are back. Please enjoy other parts of the museum while we are working on improvements!

Look Down to Look Back in Time

The History Colorado Center’s four-story, sunlit Anschutz Hamilton Hall invites visitors to look up. Resist the urge and look down. Beneath your feet is a 40 by 60–foot map of Colorado embedded in the terrazzo floor created by internationally recognized artist Steven Weitzman. When viewed at a distance, the abstract terrazzo “painting”—made up of 234 precast FŌTERA® tiles—resolves into a topographical map of Colorado, visible from 400 miles in space. Weitzman invented FŌTERA structural concrete in 1988, creating a unique process to cast any image or design in full color.

Things to Do

A seven-foot-tall “steam punk”–style time machine animates the map as you push it over regional “hot spots.” When the machine hits a hot spot, video screens come to life with virtual clocks winding back to fun, interesting, and sometimes quirky stories related to the history of that place.

The Stories

The time machine tells more than two dozen historic and contemporary stories combining film, music, and still images. Featured topics include the preservation of Mesa Verde, the Leadville Ice Palace, the Ludlow Massacre, Uravan uranium mining, Shep the Tollbooth Dog, mountain man Mariano Medina, and the infamous Colorado-Texas tomato wars of the 1980s. South Park’s Eric Cartman will make a guest cameo.

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