Destination Colorado

Welcome to Keota!

It’s 1918 and the American Dream awaits. The High Plains community’s residents greet you at the depot on life-sized media screens and show you their town, sharing triumphs and challenges that will seem familiar to us all.

In this 5,000-square-foot exhibit, audiences meet the people who homesteaded and settled the town of Keota along the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy rail line—the “Prairie Dog Express.” The town flourished until the ’20s, as residents farmed, built a school, and cheered their sports teams with passion. But prairie life was never easy. Ways of farming that worked in other places didn’t work here on the dry plains, and little by little the town dwindled. People moved to cities and less arid locales, but they never forgot Keota. In this land of little rain and weather extremes, residents forged a thriving community that outlived the town itself.

Things to See and Do

Enroll in the town’s high school and get your yearbook picture taken. Shop from a Montgomery Ward catalog and select goods from a general store. Take a virtual joy ride down a bumpy country road in a Model T Ford or get cultured on outhouse culture … in an outhouse! Explore smells hidden in an authentic stove, milk a model cow, collect wooden chicken eggs in the barn, and climb into the barn’s hayloft and slide down.

The guides from the depot meet you at each of the locations and provide the story of the people—the quintessential Coloradans—who built this town.